Protection Equipment & Apparel For Equestrian Sport

Sourced and Manufactured in North America

  • Innovative

    Radical performance protection utilizing innovative shock resistant materials.

  • Proprietary

    Patented protected.

  • Science Supported

    Bio-mechanical tested, peer-reviewed research, and technology proven.


New, Exciting, Science Tested, Life Changing

Product Innovation - FEAM™ Technology

It all began with ten years of Materials Science Research and Development!

UMass researchers invented Fiber Energy Absorbing Material (FEAM™) for impact energy absorption. Unlike foams or gels, FEAM™ is breathable, and absorbs/deflects harmful concussion impacts from all directions.

The results: Huge stress reductions on muscles, tendons, and ligaments preventing pain and injury for horse and rider.

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High Performing Impact Absorption

Developed to protect and comfort the horse with extraordinary impact absorption for higher performance. The BacqSaver Saddle Pad is unique in its purpose to redirect, deflect, and reduce risk of trauma from all locomotion impact energies.